The Cloud

Giving employees access to apps & data on any device empowers them with 24/7 customer care capabilities
from any location.

Apps & Data On Demand

Log in and work whenever you like as long as there’s Internet

Employee Collaborations

Users can share access to files and work on them together

Flexibility & Scalability

Subscribe month-to-month and add & remove users on the fly

Round-the-Clock Support

Enjoy 24/7 tech support from our Frisco-based team of experts

Automatic Backups

Precious company data is always secure and simple to restore

Microsoft Office 365

Apps like Outlook, Word, and Excel, online and fully licensed

How can The Cloud make your business appear
more professional?

By giving your users 24/7 access to secure apps and data from any device so they can work anywhere and anytime.

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Welcome to The Cloud

It’s where peace of mind resides, from having secure access to your company’s servers and software, while Frisco Technology Solutions handles all the maintenance, updates, and upgrades for you.