Support & Consulting

Project Management

We’ll guide your large-scale upgrades, system redesigns, and IT overhauls, and customize every solution to meet your goals.

Planning. Office IT isn’t a “set it and forget it” sort of proposition. It needs constant evaluation to ensure hardware, software, and integrations are still effective, and since business technology changes so frequently, your evaluations must be frequent, too. Most important are cybersecurity, data backups, network efficiency, and software compliance, and once the necessary upgrades have been determined, Frisco Technology Solutions can handle the planning and implementation.


Smart Strategies

Frisco Technology Solutions’s project managers aren’t just “IT gurus”; they have years of experience under their belts working in operations management positions, so they understand the ways in which office IT can bear on your business. This means they devise and design solutions with short-term and long-term performance and compatibility benefits.


Expert Deployment

Whether your business uses Windows or Mac, has one location or many, or employs few remote employees or a roving mobile workforce, your IT enhancement project will be executed exactly according to spec. This includes everything, from software upgrades and cloud migrations to hardware installations and network configurations.

Our Project Management services are available on-demand, without any long-term contractual obligations. So if you sense something is wrong with your IT, just give us a call so we can do an assessment. If any improvements are deemed necessary, we’ll first develop a big-picture sense of your operations and then explain in detail the recommended course of action.

Our CEO has the highest-level ISC2 CISSP professional certification.

Our technicians possess bachelor’s degrees at a minimum.

Our IT services are customizable for all businesses in all markets.