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Data Backups & Recovery

Safely storing data so it’s easy to recover after a disaster is one of the first things you should ensure on your network.

Preservation. Without your business data, you have no business. Your employees can’t work, your customers can’t be served, and your vendors can’t get paid. And given the fact that disasters like floods, fires, and major storms show up unannounced, you need to put a data protection plan in place now to ensure your daily operations continue unimpeded should something happen to your network and servers.



  • Real-time, round-the-clock data monitoring & saving
  • State-of-the-art storage devices, onsite or in the cloud
  • Clear-cut post-disaster procedures to restore data fast
  • “Recover anywhere” functions to restore to any platform
  • Dedicated customer support for any data-related issues


  • Freedom to back up any type of file from any device
  • Professional backup solutions mean less work for you
  • Flexibility to choose continuous or scheduled backups
  • One-click restorations takes the hassle out of recovery
  • Peace of mind from knowing there will be no “data downtime”

Strong Data Backup & Recovery solutions contain three parts, and if yours does not, we can help. The first step is to set up the technology that guarantees your data gets saved in real time and is stored securely, either onsite or in the cloud. The second step is to make sure saved data is always accessible by your users, on demand and from any device. And the third step is to streamline the “restoration” process post-disaster so you never endure dreaded “data downtime.”

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