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Cyber Security & Network Security

Firewalls, intrusion detection software, and employee training are all critical to a successful network defense strategy.

Protection. Every single organization using the Internet for business is at risk of hackers’ cyberattacks. And they’re not just trifling nuisances that can inconvenience you and your users; they have the potential to devastate your business by destroying or exploiting sensitive company data. Frisco Technology Solutions helps companies take a proactive approach to protection by implementing strategically planned, company-wide solutions.



It is imperative to monitor your network perimeter 24/7 for infiltration attempts -- in the form of viruses, worms, trojans, and ransomware -- as well as your email inboxes for phishing and spam attacks. Frisco Technology Solutions has the tools and expertise to ensure awareness of what’s going on outside your network and ensure nothing nefarious gets inside it.



Staying on top of potential exploits is just one part of a robust Cybersecurity scheme for a professional organization like yours. It also requires a system that reacts instantly to incoming threats, assesses them accurately, eliminates them automatically, and ensures none of your other system’s entryways are vulnerable to variations of the attack.

Your servers and software are sure to be protected when you have a partner like Frisco Technology Solutions managing your cybersecurity program. We’ll manage any vulnerabilities in your network defense through routine scanning and testing; manage any threats with state-of-the-art intrusion detection and eradication tools; and also manage compliance so you keep hackers at bay and meet all regulations for data storage and security, too.

Our CEO has the highest-level ISC2 CISSP professional certification.

Our technicians possess bachelor’s degrees at a minimum.

Our IT services are customizable for all businesses in all markets.